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2016 United Way Golf Outing

The 2016 United Way Golf Outing is scheduled for Friday, September 23, 2016 at Meadowview Golf Course, with special guest retired NFL official Ken Baker. Thanks to Meadowview for donating all service which make all proceeds benefit United Way and its partner agencies.  Click on the button for a copy of the 2016 flyer/registration form.

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What makes United Way work?
The support United Way of Coles County provides is made possible by hundreds of people in our county that generously make donations. They know their money helps our community - often people they know, whether it is a neighbor, co-worker, family or friends — and they know that contribution to United Way stays here to help our community.

The United Way That’s it. That’s United Way in a nutshell. We change and improve people’s lives. And we invite you to be part of it.


The Lives We Impact


Thank you to our great

corporate donors and

individuals for being

part of the solution.


What does United Way do? The best way to answer that is United Way of Coles County is changing people’s lives. That’s it. It’s simple. That is our mission – to change and improve the lives of as many people in Coles County as we can. We help all kinds of people with a variety of needs, hunger, homelessness,  at-risk children, people who have been abused, people who can’t afford medical care or medicine and more. We help people in crises and people who want to make their lives better—people who need hope.  

How do we help?

This is where it gets a little more complex. Here is the key: We partner with 36 local agencies to help many people in this county.  Instead of focusing on one single issue, we focus on all the issues facing the community




UWCC partners talk about how United Way impacts their agencies:  

Children's Advocacy Center, CTF Illinois, Charleston Area Churches

Food Pantry, Paradise Equestrian Therapy Center.

(Click on videos to watch.)